The Unsuspected Lover Part 1.2

The night ended as it usually did with conversation of the days events,but my mind was still back at the previous statement made by my wife. Unable to close the evening without one last question I turn slowly,”Rebecca who’s Chris?” I had to ask! Pulling her glasses down from her face and blushing somewhat…why honey,Continue reading “The Unsuspected Lover Part 1.2”

The Paper Sack Gang

Okay so I’ve recently tuned in to the “raging monkey” shows they call “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” & “Basketball Wives”! I personally don’t understand to purpose surrounding most of these chicks! 97% of them are unmarried, unemployed and psychologically ineligible for anyone to consider dating. You’ve got NeNe gliding around looking like Joe camelContinue reading “The Paper Sack Gang”


Hello Earthlings! Lol…I’m super excited to sharing my world with you through this blog. Those of you bold enough to tiptoe around the soft walls of my brain will experience every emotion on every level and possibly need extensive psychological treatment soon after…lol!!! I say what I want about whomever I want, I expose realContinue reading “IS THERE LIFE ON THIS PLANET?”