Entertainment Non-Fiction

No Trespassing 

After a night of tequila shots, multiple bottles of wine and some pot. Jake, Tamara, Collin and Grace go out for a drive knocking on random doors. They get to an area that’s a dead end,but there’s a hill they are curious to go over. Looking for more people to terrorize with their childish play, they drive up the hill searching for the next victim. As they top the hill there’s a “No Trespassing” sign in front of a gate. Ignoring the warning they continue on. Once they get to the top of the hill there’s a big Victorian style home that looks to be vacant. There’s an old broken down truck in the yards and seemingly no signs of life on the property. Tamara reluctantly agrees to go forward with the prank feeling that something is wrong. Jake pulls her jacket and convinced her to get out of the car. As they approach the steps of the house, from the corner of his eye Collin sees an image walk past the old truck. Terrified, he screams and they all turn to run towards their car. To their surprise, the car is moving in reverse then suddenly turns and drives towards the back of the house. Realizing they ‘re stranded, they are now trying to figure out how to leave the property. As the scramble towards the gate, they find it closed, locked and covered in wires. Grace knows they only have one choice and that’s to find the car but what they don’t know is the sadistic game they’ll have to play to get it.

By ZippyWrites

I am a writer by profession. I love the obvious about life and I find that ignoring facts make living so much harder to do. I plan to bring real life to my blog no matter's all actual events pulled from my life or those around me.

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