Summer Relationships

I know how important it is for people to want to be and feel loved. They desire companionship. We all desire that. However,  I’ve determined that there is a particular season when relationships are more important and that season is NOT summer. There is no point in “desperately seeking companionship” in the summer season.

First thing,  if you’re a big girl it’s not your season shuga. We were built to cuddle and it’s too hot for extra flesh. Secondly,  in this category it doesn’t matter if you big because it applies to all over 30. You know heat brings out every woman’s inner thot. So if you have a man you have to watch out for these 17 and 18 year old muscle milk drinking, hard body, no brain having beach thots. They’re the ones you want to throw ice cubes at while they walk by.

Things change when it gets hot. Personally I’m not trying to be in a relationship when it’s hot. I honestly got so hot the other day it felt like Satan had grabbed me and neatly tucked my entire being directly behind his nut sack. That’s bad. You may not agree,but I’m telling you summer love is not good for your health. Lol 😂😂😂

Published by ZippyWrites

I am a writer by profession. I love the obvious about life and I find that ignoring facts make living so much harder to do. I plan to bring real life to my blog no matter's all actual events pulled from my life or those around me.

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