He Knows My Soul

The sexiest thing about a man to me is having one that makes sense out of your nonsense. One who doesn’t run from differences,but accepts the challenge and is willing to grow with you.

One who is not so afraid of you out running him that he takes off and leaves without you, but rather sets his pace to match yours and if either slows down we get behind the other and encourages them to keep going.

We may not have the same individual vision, but because we are spiritually connected I don’t have to change my glasses to see where he’s going and neither does he. We flow! That’s a real love connection.

By ZippyWrites

I am a writer by profession. I love the obvious about life and I find that ignoring facts make living so much harder to do. I plan to bring real life to my blog no matter's all actual events pulled from my life or those around me.

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